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Creating the right promotional and marketing materials for your medical organization is a big job. We simplify how you connect with your audience by working alongside your team to produce innovative print, promotional, kitting, and fulfillment programs that deliver lasting impact.

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  •  Inefficient Materials Production
  •  Difficulty Connecting with Audience
  •  Inability to Stand out Among the Competition
  •  Overwhelmed by Medical Marketing Needs

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Literature, Warehousing, Distribution & Replenishment Solution Set

  • Printed collateral that is used in marketing, detailing & selling medical solution products.
  • Can range from highly decorated & tactile, such as a product brochure….to more modest & descriptive, like a Clinical Reprint from a Publication.
  • Applications include brochures, flyers, booklets, rack cards, catalogs, mailers, binders, folders and more…typically used by the Sales Team.

Product & Sales Enablement Kits Solution Set

  • Includes anything from a direct print corrugate application – to a highly customized turned edge box with inserts that can be used in detailing.
  • Often can be used and repurposed for Point of Sale Applications.
  • Typically involves complex production and/or sourcing, as well as kitting and fulfillment.
  • Applications include Product Launch Kits, Retail Launch Kits, National Sales Meetings, Influencer Kits, Sales Detailing Packets, Employee Communication & Recognition Kits…and more.
  • Added features can include magnetic closure, sleeves, potential electronic features such as integrated video screens or other electronics.

Models & Displays Solution Set

  • Custom models and displays typically created from Acrylic or Custom Molding.
  • Often used within the clinical setting to help visualize & explain features of the medical application.
  • Often used for sales enablement within the Point-of-Sale or Point-of-Care environments.
  • Can include custom “Mock” devices created by Quantum that can help to demonstrate the product or solution.

Promotional Products & Apparel Solution Set

  • Items that are typically used to create additional visibility to promote the overall brand or product line.
  • Used for both internal facing activities (such as recognition or awards), as well as external facing (such as tradeshows or conferences).
  • Wide variety of items from Hard Goods (Pens, Awards, Electronics, etc.…) to Soft Goods (Shirts, Bags, Socks, etc.…).

Pop Up Displays & Event Signage Solution Set

  • Typically used for events within the clinical environment to help introduce a new solution. Likely for an in clinic or hospital event, or consumer/patient education focused event.
  • Intended for quick and temporary events.
  • Applications can include literature, premiums, floor or wall stickers, banners, custom displays & signage, posters, apparel and more.

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At Quantum Graphics Medical Solutions, we simplify the production process by working alongside your team to create marketing and promotional materials that break through to your audience.

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